Durability and Materials of Vinyl

Durability and Materials of Vinyl

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Vinyl Decals are a type of advertising that can be applied to any surface. Vinyl decals are also known as car wraps because they can wrap around the outside of cars. Vinyl decals provide an interesting and creative way for advertisers to get their message out there, and it is relatively inexpensive to produce them. They last up to five years on exterior surfaces, or 10 years on interior surfaces before needing replacement. These numbers are only to be considered estimates due to the professionalism of the work. Here at National Fleet Graphics, we strive on being the best in vinyl decals in MN.


The durability of vinyl decals makes them a great choice for businesses who want their advertisement out in front without having it wear away quickly from constant use or weather damage. Vinyl Decal companies have been growing over the past few decades with new types being created all the time, making it easier than ever for your company’s needs to be met. The materials used for decals will vary depending on the company and who is applying them but typically fall under one of two categories: adhesive vinyl and cast vinyl. Vinyl decals can last a long time if they are applied properly to the surface, so they must be handled by someone experienced at National Fleet Graphics in MN.


Vinyl is an adhesive material and it sticks to most surfaces such as glass, metal, plastic, and printed materials such as posters or stickers. Vinyl decals come in many different shapes and sizes including animals, cartoon characters, symbols like stop signs, or smiley faces. Vinyl decals have been around for decades but in recent years vinyl has seen a surge in popularity due to its durability and low cost when compared with other types of signage options.

Vinyl Graphics MN offers many different types of vinyl material for adhesive purposes which the company will use to satisfy your advertising needs. Vinyl Decal Companies have been growing rapidly over the past few decades making it easier than ever for your company’s needs to be met with vinyl decal materials that are aimed at satisfying your advertising needs. Vinyl decal materials that are used for advertising purposes will vary depending on the company and who is applying them but typically fall under one of two categories: adhesive vinyl and cast vinyl. Vinyl Decals can last a long time if they are applied properly to the surface, so they must be handled by someone experienced at Vinyl Graphics MN to ensure nothing goes wrong with your Vinyl Decal ad campaign. Here are the two main types of vinyl:

  1. Adhesive Vinyl:Vinyl materials in this class use an adhesive backing which allows them to be repositioned during application and easily removed from any surface after removal, making it ideal for business owners looking for temporary advertising solutions that can be changed as often as necessary without causing damage or leaving residue. Adhesive vinyl graphics require the use of transfer tape when applying them to the desired surface, which is applied similarly to normal masking or painter’s tape. Vinyl decals in this category are typically offered in colors that reflect the most popular choices for car paint jobs, allowing Vinyl Graphics MN customers to choose from bright and vibrant options, as well as more subtle color schemes.

  2. Cast Vinyl: This type of vinyl material is typically used by Vinyl Graphics MN professionals who want to create higher quality advertising materials. The cast vinyl allows designs to be created using methods such as dye sublimation or digital printing, creating images with greater detail and depth than other types of vinyl decal advertisements. Vinyl graphics made from cast vinyl do not require the use of transfer tapes as they are not as susceptible to movement during application. Vinyl Graphics MN professionals may offer cast vinyl materials with or without adhesive backing, depending on the intended purpose and surface type of the decals themselves. Vinyl Graphic Companies will generally use an air release liner that prevents bubbles and creases that would occur if they were applied using a squeegee method like other types of Vinyl Decal advertisements. 

Vinyl Decals have become more popular recently with businesses looking for easy ways to advertise themselves without breaking the bank. Vinyl decals offer an inexpensive way for companies to stick their name out into public view. Vinyl decals are often printed onto adhesive material and then stuck to an object, such as a window or vehicle. Vinyl decals can be used for decorating cars, trucks, and motorcycles. 

As a family-owned and managed custom design and branding business, we specialize in a wide range of branding, from vehicle graphics and wraps to signs and banners to decals and apparel. With a staff of designers, producers, and installers that are committed to providing high-quality graphics that will help your company stand out from the crowd, we’re delighted to offer exceptional services. As we like to say, “Our specialty is making your business look good.” Contact us today to start working on your next project!

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