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4 Tips For Effective Vehicle Wraps

So you’ve decided to invest in a vehicle wrap for your company – that’s great! Here’s the thing…throwing up any ol’ wrap, without design or an overall game plan might be a waste of money! Your graphics could be the most colorful and vibrant images on the road, but are they effective?

Here are a few quick tips to help you get the most from your wraps:

1. Quality Materials

Quality materials is, hands down, the first step to creating an effective brand message with your fleet graphics. We are proud to use the highest certified 3M graphicsto assure our clients are getting premium and durable quality. 

2. Personal Taste Isn’t Always Best

The design elements that YOU like might not be what your ideal client wants to see. As much as we’d all love to drive around a vehicle with our very favorite colors and design elements, you should be mindful of your customer before deciding on a design. Your marketing should be geared specifically to the likes of your target audience and what appeals to those customers, rather than what your favorites might be.

3. First Impressions

Depending on your industry, your vehicle might be a customer’s very first impressions of your company, so it’s important to have a cohesive and concise brand. What story do you want your fleet graphic to tell when someone looks at it for the first time? Is it consistent across all of your branding? Your key information should be visible from all sides of the vehicle! 

4. Set Your Standards High

It’s okay to have high standards when it comes to your fleet graphics! We wouldn’t want it any other way, and we’re confident we can deliver exactly what you’re looking for.

Look at your graphics through the eyes of a potential customer and as yourself what they would see.

Your graphics on your vehicles should be: 

  • Durable: Especially for our Minnesota friends! These climate changes can wreak havoc on fleet graphics that aren’t made to hold up. 
  • Properly Installed: Remember to always have a professional install your fleet graphics. Installation should be simple and precise to minimize the risk of bubbles and wear-and-tear. Our ultimate goal is customer satisfaction, and our installersat NFG are trained and experienced to provide nothing short of that! 
  • Clean: Wash your fleet’s graphics regularly to maintain their appearance. Residue can be difficult to remove and will affect the longevity of your graphic!

We are proud of our team of designers, installers and production staff who will work with you and your business to transform your vision. We are here to help share your story and make your business stand out with effectivedesign and installation. It’s what we do.

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