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As members of the National Professional Angler's Association, we are proud to work with professional fisherman to make their boats stand out in a crowd. We install high-quality vinyl wraps to include event sponsors or just to make your boat shine. Work with one of our graphic designers to transform your boat into a work of art. Aside from high quality installation and professional customer service, we have a turnaround time that it second to none.


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Routine Washing

Routine Washing

It is important to wash your wrapped boat regularly to avoid deterioration. Leaving pollutants such as fuel on the boat can cause corrosion of the vinyl that is irreversible. By following a regular maintenance routine, you can keep your boat wrap looking good.

Use a spray of water to clean off loose dirt of grit. While handwashing is best, occasional power washing can be used with a spray under 2000 psi. If using a power washer, make sure to keep the nozzle one foot away from the vehicle at a 90-degree angle. If you use a power washer, avoid the water line and edges to prevent the wrap from living at the surface of the boat.

For difficult-to-clean spots such as sap, test Meguiar's Gold Class™, Bug and Tar Remover™ or 3M™ Citrus Base Cleaner on a hidden area. Spot clean the contaminant. Be sure to wash down the boat thoroughly.

Use special care when hauling, transporting or covering your boat. Rubbing straps and buckles can damage your wrap. Always use an extra layer of protection between your boat and lifts.

Boat wrapping is a safe, eco-friendly alternative to marine painting. Boat wraps are completely reversible, so you are free to try any design without affecting your boat's resale value.
Will water and sun fade my boat wrap?

Our high-quality vinyl wraps are less prone to fading than paint, making a National Fleet Graphics boat wrap a great investment.

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