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Vinyl Car Decals in Rochester | The Decision to Wrap Your Vehicle

Vinyl Car Decals in Rochester, Dodge Center, and the entire southeastern Minnesota area


Car decals and wraps are a fast-growing trend for all the right reasons. In the vehicle customization market, vinyl car decals make up over $10 billion. Wrapping a car allows anyone to change the looks of a vehicle without anything being permanent.

A car wrap is vinyl car decals that are placed over the top of the body panels of a vehicle. This allows anyone to change the appearance. There are many designs- including glossy, gradients, matte, chrome, metallic, and any sort of graphic. In this day and age, limitations are unheard of. The decals can be removed at any time (just like a sticker). The reason people place decals on a vehicle or decide to wrap a vehicle has to do with sole customization. Maybe there isn’t a specific color that was offered by the manufacturer. Maybe you are a business that wants to passively advertise. These are a couple of many reasons why people choose vinyl car decals in the first place.

The condition of the vehicle that is being wrapped is important for the longevity of the decal. The wrap will not adhere to a bad paint job. If the paint is chipping or flaking, the imperfections will show. It also will not adhere to scratches and door dings. We advise that you take care of the vehicle’s body issues before wrapping it.

The cost of a vehicle decal is ultimately determined by several factors. These include the style of the wrap (partial wrap, full wrap, spot graphics), the size of the decals, and the size and type of vehicle being wrapped.

To wrap or paint a car comes down to one decision- the duration. Some might find it more valuable to paint a car because it is forever. However, it should be known that car wraps are growing more popular each day. Usually, painting your car costs more money because of the labor and time that is put into each layer. Although they have identical looks, innovation points to car wrapping over car painting.

The duration of a car wrap is pretty long; however, it is not permanent. The less a vehicle is exposed to any foreign elements that will force the wrap to peel sooner, the longer the life of the decal. If a wrap is properly maintained, it could last up to five years. Factors that can alter the duration include sunlight, snow/rain, and not cleaning the vehicle. This is why it is important to take care of your vehicle.

Maintaining a wrap is vital to the overall health of the decal. The best way to do this is to cover the car from sunlight, rain, snow, and foreign debris. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to hand wash the vehicle with microfiber towels. Never take the vehicle to automatic car washes.

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