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Custom Vinyl Graphics in Rochester | The Vinyl Application Process

Custom Vinyl Graphics in Rochester, Dodge Center, and the entire southeastern Minnesota area

From the business perspective of marketing an idea to the need of just standing out in the general eye, custom vinyl graphics can stand out in a multitude of ways. When done correctly, custom vinyl graphics are an effective way of portraying a message to anyone. Emphasizing the point of “done correctly”, this project requires that the process is done the correct way. The importance of proper installation is one of the most misunderstood concepts that anyone can face. If the vinyl graphic is not installed the correct way, the durability (and the importance of the message) are reduced. So, what is the typical vinyl application process?

To answer that question, it is important to know that there are different steps that each installation type. In most cases, the process is very similar.

First is the application temperature. The temperature is variable depending on the application type. For dry applications, the temperature must be 40 degrees or more (Fahrenheit). For wet applications, the temperature has to be over 60 degrees.

Next are the surface preparations and the types of surfaces. In regards to the surface preparation, there are a few things to know. First, the application surface needs to be clean. This includes dirt, grease, dust, wax, oil, and any foreign matters that do not belong on the application. Second, no abrasive chemicals and products should be used. This is also dependent on the surface type. Third, after a general cleaning, the surface needs to be wiped down. Regarding the surface types, there are glass, painted drywall, metal, wood, and plastic/synthetic chemical installation types. Here at National Fleet Graphics, we can do it all!

After the application preparation, it’s time to install the vinyl. There is the dry application and the wet application. The dry method is the preferred installation technique, and we use it most of the time. The process is simple and involves applying the vinyl directly onto dry surfaces that have been prepared as described above.

After the installation, it is important to dwell the vinyl. This means that the vinyl requires 24-48 hours for complete adhesion. Edge sealing is also recommended because the decal will be more durable.

National Fleet Graphics is a family-owned and operated custom design and branding company specializing in a variety of branding from vehicle graphics and wraps, to signs and banners, to decals and apparel. With a skilled team of designers, producers, and installers, we are proud to provide the highest quality graphics that will help your business stand out from the crowd. As we like to say, “Our business is to make your business look good.” Contact us to bring your next project to life!