Custom Vinyl Graphics | Boosting Sales with Vinyl Graphics

Custom Vinyl Graphics in Rochester, Dodge Center, and the entire southeastern Minnesota area


When you own a business, the clear objective is to make money. Ultimately, every business serves a purpose- to provide a good or service while making profits to comfortably sustain the business. While this is the ideal structure, a competitive market will be more difficult because of these profit margins. This raises the question- how can you set your business apart from the competition? Here at National Fleet Graphics, we’ve seen a bunch of different methods that have resulted in boosts of sales. Our mission is to help your business utilize our custom vinyl graphics efficiently and effectively. The three most sought-after options to gain more visibility to sell more depend on how well they are used. These options include traffic, upselling/promotions, and visibility.

First, the traffic towards your business is essential to gaining more traction in your business’s niche. There are two types of traffic for businesses that are using custom vinyl graphics- local traffic and website traffic. Local traffic is the viewership that is gained from potential clients within your business’s territory. This is important for establishing a business boundary. For example, when you are in a specific region/county, the viewership is most important to the people that are around your business every day. Some businesses will utilize their local traffic more than others because of the nature of the business itself; however, it is to be known that having local traffic will not only boost sales but will also build positive, reputable reviews that will help your business in the long-run. On the other hand, website traffic is multi-channel marketing- which simply means that your business appeals to customers through your website, social media, and signage. This will come in handy for any business that is based more on the internet; but, it can be utilized by any business. By adding the URL website-link to the custom vinyl graphics, customers will then have the option to visit your business online- resulting in gained traffic for more sales.

Second, upselling/promotions are highly undervalued when boosting sales from a custom vinyl graphic. When upselling or promoting, your custom vinyl graphic needs to display a message that will gravitate your customers to come to your business. For example, if a customer views an eye-catching graphic that has an intended purpose, the graphic will send the customer’s curiosity to your business. This will result in boosted sales. Promotions and upselling can go hand-in-hand because they both serve the same purpose- to add overall traffic to boost sales.

Third, it is essential to create visibility with your business’s custom vinyl graphic. No matter how good your product/service is, if the message is unclear and not viewable, the message will not gain any attention. This will result in a lack of overall sales, which means less profit in the long-run. When making a custom vinyl graphic for your business, is it important to make the message as visible as possible. This includes placing it in a location that can attract the most viewership possible. This needs to be done efficiently and effectively because the message can only attract as many people that can see it.

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