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Custom Vinyl Graphics | Creating the Perfect Vinyl Graphic

Custom Vinyl Graphics in Rochester, Dodge Center, and the entire southeastern Minnesota area

            In 2020, there were over 250 million vehicles on the road. Out of that large number, less than a tenth of a percent of the vehicles decided to put a partial graphic on their vehicle. Sure, the custom vinyl graphic market is not for everyone. However, for the people that are involved in the market, they are used to standing out in the crowd. Although some individuals do not prefer to stand out, the goal of most businesses is to do just that- stand out. These vehicle graphics are intended to help your company by building on the current brand awareness. When creating the perfect custom vinyl graphic, it is essential to pay attention to key elements that will make or break a graphic.

The Right Info

The first key element is to display the perfect amount of information. A lot of the time, custom vinyl decals involve too many words and not enough eye-grabbers. The best way to describe this is to picture the custom vinyl graphic on the vehicle as a moving billboard; the people passing it that are going in the same direction can be limited to the amount of information retained, and the people in the oncoming lane are not even paying attention. If there is too much information, the main purpose of the custom vinyl graphic is suppressed. The best way to prevent this is to limit the text that goes into your custom vinyl graphic. Most custom vinyl graphics should include the company name, contact information, website, the type of service provided, and the slogan. Other elements can be included; however, it is all about catching the viewer and not catching a reader.


The second key element is the design. The design needs to be the perfect size to portray the correct message. For instance, take three custom vinyl graphics: one is 5×5, another is 10×10, and the last is 20×20. With all of the vinyl graphics displaying the same image, the difference lies in the viewability. With custom vinyl graphics, the idea is to design something that is not too small so the viewers have a hard time seeing the image. The idea is to also keep the custom vinyl graphic from getting too big to the point of graphic distortion. Sure, bigger is usually easier to read and view. Just make sure that it has a balance of size and clearness.


The third key element is the font. Whenever the words are displayed, the number one complaint from lost, potential customers is the fine-print size of the wording. According to a study conducted by 3M, a graphic can generate between 30,000 to 75,000 impressions a day. The impressions are not all converted into traffic; however, it was to prove a point that the conversion rate depends on how well the graphic is displayed. The information to connect the customer and the business have to be legible, or else the conversion rate will be substantially lower when reeling new customers into your business.


The fourth key element is branding. As mentioned in some of our previous blogs, branding is vital to convey a proper message. The message starts with an eye-catcher and ends with more information obtained by the viewer. There will be no endpoint when the custom vinyl graphic displays a great image with no brand influence. This is simply a graphic with no purpose. The lack of branding can be avoided by following your company’s image- does the company want a sharp, cutting edge graphic to show the viewers that the company is more modern? Or a bright, bubbly look to indicate compelling customer service? It is important to plan for the custom vinyl graphic. If you do not know the vision of your company, how will anyone else?

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