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Vinyl Car Decals | FAQ’s About Wrapping Your Vehicle

Vinyl Car Decals in Rochester, Dodge Center, and the entire southeastern Minnesota area

            Here at National Fleet Graphics, we strive on achieving 100% customer satisfaction. We want to let all of the customers know about our dedication to your dream vinyl car decal. Whether it is a full vehicle wrap, to a rear-quarter-panel decal, the vinyl car decal is a unique way to make you stand out. These reasons for standing out can be important for you, for your business, or a specific group of people. We’ve been in business for so long, just to see the same puzzled looks on our new customer’s faces. That same puzzled look is followed by important, but frequently asked questions. This blog will help you understand more about the services we provide, the process, and more. Here are the top frequently asked questions:


What are Vehicle Wraps?

  • Vehicle wraps are simply just large, printed, vinyl sheets that are used to mask the vehicle.

What are the advantages of using a vehicle wrap?

  • Vinyl wraps cost less than paint restoration.
  • When a vehicle wrap is applied to the car, the job is both affordable and easy to do.
  • If you are tired of the vinyl car decal, it can be removed by peeling it off of your car’s exterior.
  • The vinyl car decals drive more traffic to a specified business/brand.
  • Installing a vehicle wrap will not affect the value of your vehicle if done within three years of the sale.

What factors determine the cost of a vehicle wrap?

  • There is a range of factors that play into the cost of a vehicle wrap. They include the square footage (or cover area), vehicle design, the material used, and the design of the wrap.

Are there any guidelines to follow when designing vehicle wraps?

  • It is important to stay away from cluttering the vinyl car decals with too much information. This can overwhelm the customer. It is also recommended to avoid using any elements or punctuation that will lose the viewership of the vinyl car decal.

Can the vehicle wrap hurt the vehicle’s paint or body?

  • Here at National Fleet Graphics, we have a strong team of professionals that will provide a quality job. Our success rate is nearly perfect, as we seek to improve on all of our clients.


National Fleet Graphics is a family-owned and operated custom design and branding company specializing in a variety of branding from vehicle graphics and wraps, to signs and banners, to decals and apparel. With a skilled team of designers, producers, and installers, we are proud to provide the highest quality graphics that will help your business stand out from the crowd. As we like to say, “Our business is to make your business look good.” Contact us to bring your next project to life!