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Top 9 Reasons To Get A Custom Car Decal

There are countless reasons to get a custom car decal. Here are the Top 9.

  1. Building your business. Your vehicle is a moving advertisement that doesn’t rely on potential customers driving by to see it, as a billboard does. You are in the driver’s seat of what, where, and how often your business gets seen and remembered.
  2. Distracting from vehicle damage. While a custom car decal cannot erase a deep dent or scratch, it can cover some damage and make it less visible to the naked eye. Do you know we can even match our vinyl to your exact car color to improve its appearance?
  3. Informing other drivers, like a Public Service Announcement (PSA). Student Driver,” “Carpool Mom,” or “Delivery Driver Making Frequent Stops” all give the drivers around you more information they need to know how to interact with the person driving the vehicle.
  4. Proclaiming your bragging rights. Wow, you completed a 26.2 marathon or a 13.1 half marathon. Or your kid was just accepted into the Peace Corp and is changing the world. You’ve earned the right to share your accomplishments. Heck, maybe someone will let you go ahead in traffic, because they also taught agriculture in a 3rd-world nation after college. You have earned the right to be proud.
  5. Memorializing what’s important to you. When the racing champion Dale Earnhardt died a few decades ago, race fans around the country decaled their cars with his race car number (#3) and the date of his death. Yours doesn’t have to memorialize a sad date. How about the anniversary of your marriage with a graphic showing your shared love?
  6. Exuding authority. It is a proven, researched phenomenon that when people see an idea that is professionally written and displayed, it gains credence. So, if you think animals should be free from cosmetic testing or schools should support extracurricular sports, get a custom car decal proclaiming your belief to the world. (Or at least to Rochester, Dodge Center, and the entire southeastern portion of MN.)
  7. Influencing social media. Today’s “social-media influencers” look for every opportunity to increase their following. Many have turned to custom car decals to advertise their handle and how to follow their social media. Testimonials from today’s younger generations underscore how seeing a custom car decal has led them to check out, “follow” or “share” someone they think has cool custom car decals.
  8. Sharing your love. We at National Fleet Graphics adore Beagles. We don’t know why, but we’re pretty sure everyone else should make an adopted Beagle a family member. Whatever your passion, a custom car detail delivers your message to people who might otherwise not see it. We hear the stories of people who collect Beanie Babies, and only find other Beanie-Baby lovers because people recognize their Beanie-Baby custom-car decal. 
  9. Changing up your image. We were not the same people at 25 as we are at 30. The very best thing about the custom car decals you’ll get from our team at National Fleet Graphics is that you can change them whenever you want. Custom car decals do not damage your paint job. In fact, they protect its longevity. But if for any reason you’re not feeling your custom car decals in Rochester and want to create a whole new graphic design that better reflects who you have become, it is easy to remove the previous decal without damaging the finish on the vehicle and redesign it into the image of who you are today.