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Custom Car Decals | Best Spots on Your Vehicle to Apply Decals

Custom Car Decals in Rochester, Dodge Center, and the entire southeastern Minnesota area

A good place to start when considering the best places on your vehicle for the custom car decals is by looking at where you want them. Some people might not have a preference, but others might want their decals in the front or back of their car so they are visible from afar. Others may be more interested in placing them somewhere like the windshield because they think it will look better. Regardless of what you choose, it is important to consider how the placement will affect how easily readable and viewable your decal is from different angles – this way you can avoid having an unusable sticker!

Windshield or Rear View

The windshield is the most popular area for truck stickers to be placed. This can make sense because it lets other drivers see your decal even when you are driving in front of them and they don’t have a direct line of sight otherwise. One downside though: if you decide to place the decal on the windshield, the driver’s vision will be impacted. Make sure you are safe than sorry.

Front Side or Back Side

The front side and the backside are other popular options for truck decals. The benefit of these areas is that they won’t impact your vision like a decal on the windshield might, but you should be aware that both sides will be easier to see from the driver’s behind than it would if placed higher up or lower down. The same issue as the windshield, the driver’s vision is most important.


The bumper is a great location for truck stickers because it can be easily seen, and the sticker will not block your view. It also does not require you to remove anything from the vehicle in order to apply the graphic. The downfall of a custom car decal on the bumpers is visibility. Again, it is important to plan accordingly before applying the decal.


The side doors of a vehicle are the best place to put truck stickers. It is always nice and proper if you want to make your car look more personalized. Other than that, these areas have fewer obstructions so it will be easier for other drivers to see what kind of sticker you have on your car. It’s also important to note that the doors will have openings. This means that the decals could overlap on the door creases. There are a couple of easy workarounds for this; meaning it is a minimal problem.

Side Mirrors

The side mirrors of a vehicle can make the perfect spot to put stickers. When you are considering where to place your truck sticker, this is something that should be considered because they are not as visible when driving and there might also be fewer concerns about covering up any important logos on them as well. As long as the decals aren’t obstructing the driver’s vision, the side mirrors are a solid choice.

When applying a custom car decal to your vehicle, be sure to pay attention to the placement first. Forgetting about it can be a crucial oversight that could mean that you end up with truck sticker that is unusable. Additionally, some kinds of graphics cannot be applied in some areas because they could obstruct your view. For instance, if you have side mirrors and want them covered by stickers or decals, make sure these are located at least an inch from the edge of the mirror so as not to interfere with driving visibility while also being close enough for people outside of the car window to read what’s written on them.


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