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Custom Car Decals Are An Extension of You

“You are what you drive.” Everyone says it, right? But we can’t all afford the latest model of the finest cars loaded with impressive features. (And even if we could, what would it really express about ourselves other than we must have a lot of money or, at least, excellent credit.) At National Fleet Graphics, we know you are so much more than that, and our Custom Car Decals in Rochester and Dodge Center are the coolest way to make your car an extension of your unique personality.

There are two options to add vinyl designs to your vehicle. The first is a whole-body vehicle wrap, which covers the entire car, including the roof. If your goal is to advertise a business and draw in new customers, a full wrap is probably the best choice for high visibility. But if you’re just looking to give your ride some flair, we can apply high-quality, custom car decals to select areas of your vehicle that announce you to the world.   

Because our team of talented graphic designers work with you to create your images, there are no limitations to the creativity you can bring to the project. Do you want people to know you’re a metalhead?  We can do a killer “sign of the horns” graphic. A Renaissance reenactor? Let’s design a custom car decal featuring medieval weaponry. Is astrology your jam? We are envisioning signs of the zodiac strategically placed on your ride.

That being said, perhaps you’re more into more subtle custom car decals that add a cool factor, like vinyl stripes on your American muscle car or vinyl pinstripes to elevate your car’s elegance. At National Fleet Graphics, our job is to take your vision and make it a beautiful, artistic reality.

 Another reason to choose a custom car decal over a whole vehicle wrap in Rochester may be if you want to promote your business but drive a smaller, passenger car. Of course, smaller cars can be whole wrapped as well, but sometimes you just need your business name, website, phone number, and, perhaps a tag like or short business description. We will guide you through the most effective location options on your car for best visibility and use the correct fonts to ensure your image conveys a high degree of professionalism.

Don’t forget, our custom car decals are also a great idea for your boat, trailer, ATV, bike, or motorcycle. Check out some of these ideas here.

If you truly are what you drive, then contact us today to put some custom-car-decal personality on that ride!