Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, Alexa… those of us who have been doing business for years using traditional advertising can be a little thrown by how the next generations receive their messaging. And yet, reaching this younger audience is key to both increasing your customer base today and building brand loyalty for years to come. Luckily for you, a vehicle wrap in Rochester is the ticket to getting the attention of these young consumers in the way they want to receive their messaging.

Both of these generations are comfortable navigating the internet and their apps with ease, and using multiple screens simultaneously is second nature. This also means their attention spans are much shorter, and they will click away from anything that doesn’t seem relevant to them or gives them the feeling of being sold to. They watch their shows and movies on Netflix instead of network tv, and they listen to subscriber-services like Pandora rather than their local radio stations; traditional commercials are not a part of their world and do not reach them. But the one great equalizer in today’s generation gaps is that everyone gets out on the roads, and your vehicle wrap in Rochester is guaranteed to capture their attention.

Today’s 17- to 21-year-olds, conditioned to constant messaging and entertainment, find simply driving to be boring, especially along the mundane routes to school or work, etc. A vehicle wrap in Rochester gives them something cool to look at and they pay attention. The brighter and hipper the graphics, the more drawn they are to reading every word and appreciating the art. At National Fleet Graphics, we work with you through every step of the wrapping process, including creating designs that appeal to your target audience, maybe even with the potential to become an iconic sight on the roads of Dodge Center, Rochester, and the entire southeastern MN area.

A vehicle wrap in Rochester from National Fleet Graphics also gives you an advantage over businesses that continue to advertise in more traditional ways. Your vehicle is your billboard, and when not in use, you can park that billboard where it makes the most sense for your business. Looking to target the next generation can be as easy as parking your fleet vehicle outside Dunn Bros Coffee during Century-students’ lunch hour, or at Down By The River in summer, or at Thursdays Downtown. A Friday night outside Bowlocity puts you in the crosshairs to grab the attention of next generations in a way they actually appreciate and admire.

But to be effective in this way, your graphics and presentation have to be “tight,” and inspired, so contact us, and let our elite group of cutting-edge graphic designers and installers help expand your business and secure a long, profitable future of brand loyalty. Get inspired and check out the modern and cutting edge looks our design team at National Fleet Graphics have created.  

At National Fleet Graphics we want your business to be seen and to stand out for all generations…