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Myths about Vehicle Wraps

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Vehicle wraps are a great way to get your brand in the public eye and to generate awareness. Vehicle wraps have been around for decades, but there are still many myths about them that need clarification. In this blog post, we will discuss some of these Vehicle Wrap Myths and provide you with the truth!

Do vehicle wraps damage paint?

It is extremely rare to have any issues with damaging a vehicle. It mostly depends on the installation and the reputability of the installer. Vehicle wraps will not damage paint if they are installed properly and professionally. Here at National Fleet Graphics, we pride ourselves on having an excellent standing with our customer satisfaction. Overall, we strive for a zero-failure policy.

Can vehicle wraps be applied to leased vehicles?

Vehicle wraps can be applied to leased cars. Vehicle wrapping leases typically go for a year or two, so it is not necessary that the lease on your car expire before you get your vehicle wrapped.  Vehicle wrap leases can be renewed, so you will not have to worry about having your car wrapped for a short period of time. Vehicle wraps are no more damaging than paint or clear coatings, and if care is taken during installation the vinyl film does not need additional protection from scratches on top of what it already has.

Do they have to cover the whole car?

Vehicle wraps don’t have to cover the whole car, but they do need to wrap around the entire vehicle. Vehicle wraps can be installed on any surface of a vehicle including windows and bumpers, as well as inside or outside door handles. Vehicle vinyl wrapping does not typically cover surfaces like dashboards and seats because these are already covered by upholstery materials which would get damaged in the process of removing them for installation.

Are they unsafe on the windows?

Vehicle Wraps are often installed on the windows to protect them from scratching and chipping. This is one of the most common myths about Vehicle Wrapping; that they don’t apply well or can’t be applied to leased cars. In truth, Vehicle Wrap installation requires precision and detail in order for it not to affect other parts of your vehicle such as the paint job or window tinting. A Vehicle Wrap installer will firstly measure all areas where a wrap will go, then cut out any sections without adhesive before applying each piece carefully onto your car’s surface with an air-tight seal created by water curing. Here at National Fleet Graphics, we use a special material that is applied to the windows. 

Can anyone install vehicle wraps?

Vehicle wraps are not hard to install, but without experience it can be a challenge. If you don’t want to risk any damage or air bubbles, hire an experienced installer who has completed hundreds of installations and knows how to avoid these issues altogether. Anyone with access to the internet should be able to purchase materials for this project. It is just like installing wallpaper in your home; peel back the backing paper from each piece before peeling off the liner that protects them from getting dusty or dirty when sitting on shelves in stores. The difference is that the life of the wrap solely depends on the installer’s experience. 

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