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Truck Wrap | Businesses that Benefit from Truck Wraps

Truck Wrap in Rochester, Dodge Center, and the entire southeastern Minnesota area

The truck wrap industry has been experiencing a lot of growth lately, and not just for the automotive industry. Many businesses are realizing the benefits that come from an eye-catching car wrap or truck wrap, and there are many industries that can enjoy an especially heightened response. Below is a list of four major industries that have benefited tremendously from this trend, along with the main reason why the industry is meshing with ease.

Automotive Sales/Mechanics

One of the industries that have benefited greatly from truck wraps is automotive sales and mechanics. Car wrapping offers a unique opportunity for businesses in this industry to gain exposure, especially when they are focusing on their location or branding. By using car wrap marketing techniques like logos, color schemes, and graphics as well as high-quality materials, the automotive industry single-handedly doubles the valuation of wrapping businesses. Whether it is in new/used cars or a mechanic that wants to reach a larger audience, there is a need for car wraps on a regular basis.

Home Repairs

Another industry that has benefited from a truck wrap is home repairs. Truck wrap marketing can be very beneficial for businesses in the construction and remodeling industries, especially when they are looking to get their name out there. Truck wrapping services allow companies with a smaller budget to make an impact on customers without having to spend as much money on advertising like radio or TV commercials. Additionally, because car wraps come in various shapes and sizes, it’s easy for business owners who want coverage of one area (e.g., garage door) but not another (i.e., driveway). Successful home repair specialists are indulged in car wraps for simplicity (when talking about marketing).

Security Companies

Truck wrap marketing has helped many security companies get their name out there in a way that’s unconventional yet effective. Truck wrapping services allow businesses with smaller budgets to be visible without having to incur the high costs of advertising across ads, radio, and television. Any successful security company will tell you that they use car wraps for ease of marketing.

Food & Beverage

It is no surprise that food and beverage companies are one of the most likely to invest in truck wraps. With a wrap, they can show off their product line or really get creative with their message. What will your customers think when they see an ad on the side of your delivery van? Or how about a wrap for all three sides showcasing new products from you! Not only are custom graphics eye-catching, but they also provide more space than traditional advertising methods like banners and billboards. And what’s best, unlike other forms of marketing like TV commercials where viewers may not be as aware if it airs during a break in programming (or even worse – fast forward), the food and beverage companies will get their message out wherever they decide to travel!


The automotive industry has been a major player in the car and truck wrap trend, but there are plenty of other industries that have also seen success with this tactic. Below is a list of four additional industries that you may not be aware were benefiting from these wraps: home repairs, security companies, food & beverage, and more. National Fleet Graphics is a family-owned and operated custom design and branding company specializing in a variety of branding from vehicle graphics and wraps, to signs and banners, to decals and apparel. With a skilled team of designers, producers, and installers, we are proud to provide the highest quality graphics that will help your business stand out from the crowd. As we like to say, “Our business is to make your business look good.” Contact us to bring your next project to life!