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Commercial Vehicle Wraps | How to Properly Wrap a Vehicle

Commercial Vehicle Wraps in Rochester, Dodge Center, and the entire southeastern Minnesota area

            When wrapping a vehicle, it is important to pay attention to the elements that draw the viewers into your design. Whether it’s to make your sports car stand out, to commercial vehicle wraps, it is important to understand what the purpose is for the wrap. For example, the color and the texture can make a positive (or a negative) difference in visual appeal. Another example would be the content of the wrap- what is the wrap ultimately trying to convey to the viewers? Layouts of the commercial vehicle wraps can make a difference in its advertisement exposure. So, you might ask “How can my fleet stand out amongst the rest of the commercial vehicle wraps?” There are five characteristics that we need to explore to fully understand how to successfully wrap a vehicle.


First, the customer needs to realize that the brand is the main image of the wrap. In itself, the wrap is there to promote a specific message to its specific crowd. Without the brand, the wrap will struggle to find purpose; resulting in a confusing wrap for both the viewers and the potential customers. From the large elements of the brand (color, shapes, tagline, and iconic graphics), to the smaller elements of the wrap (the texture and the design), all of the elements in the presented wrap are dependent on the message that the brand is conveying.


Second, the alignment of the wrap on the vehicle should be made with a purpose. For example, if the commercial vehicle wrap is promoting a car dealership, the goal of the wrap should be to catch the eye of the potential clients by having good visuals while providing a tagline. This tagline is in sync with the goals of the company, which should be displayed clearly and efficiently. If the goal is to raise the awareness of your brand, the logo should be on the forefront, while the offerings are displayed. This way, the consumer will figure out your business quickly. This will result in more traffic to your website and business.


Third, all of your marketing channels should be consistent and readily similar in portraying a message. There are commercial vehicle wraps that are the first of its “brand”, meaning that the brand was not put in the spotlight until the vehicle was wrapped. This can be avoided by diversifying your advertising channels. Some other channels of advertisement include the television, the radio, and the internet. According to the legendary “Rule of 7”, the rule says that it takes viewers and potential clients approximately seven times to remember the advertisement. This can be avoided if the channels of advertising were all in use.


Fourth, the vehicle graphics should adapt to your budget. Before even visualizing your dream commercial fleet wrap, it is important to set a budget for outside advertisement. From there, that budget should be broken down into categories- which include a fleet wrap budget. After projecting the cost of the wrap, make sure that the price is not too high to the point where you are over budget, but too low to prevent catching potential customers from viewing the wrap. There are all types of wrap packages to choose from. The main idea is that the budget you set is the best number to follow.


Fifth, the inspiration should stem from the target customer. Without targeting the target customer, the vinyl will not receive as many views as it should. Without the viewership from the potential customers, the wrap is essentially pointless. For your commercial vehicle wrap, it is important to not only connect with your target audience but to center the advertisement around them. Does the business target younger individuals? Maybe a bright-colored graphic with little to no words is the ideal path. The main idea is that the commercial vehicle wraps are meant to serve a purpose.

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