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How to Prepare for Fleet Graphics

Thinking of taking your vehicle to the next level and installing fleet graphics? First off, we think that’s a great idea; however, we’re a bit biased! Today we want to share a few ways you can plan ahead for the best outcome! 

  • Is Your Vehicle Ready?
    First and foremost, start by taking a look at the condition of the vehicle(s) you’ll be having graphics applied to. Are the surfaces clean? Are their many dents, scratches or less than perfect surfaces? 
  • Selecting An Installer
    At National Fleet Graphics, we pride ourselves for using top of the line 3M products. As a 3M Certified Graphic Installer Company, we rise above other companies by offering the longest, most inclusive warranty in our field and the highest quality products. Our team of expertsis unbeatable! Well trained and experienced technicians will accurately and efficiently apply custom graphics, without error. We encourage you to do your research on the company and their staff before investing. 
  • Budget & Time Frame
    What are you willing to spend? Have you factored in the long-term return on investment of quality graphics? How quickly does the job need to be done? Is your company able to take out a circulation while wraps are applied? Be sure you’re thinking about these factors ahead of time!
  • Is A Vehicle Wrap Right for Your Business?
    We’re a huge fan of car wraps! That said, it may not be the best form of advertising for your business. Billboards, bus shelter ads, and direct mail are a few great alternatives to vehicle wraps! Take time to research, analyze and plan your entire marketing funnel so you know what form(s) work best! We can help you analyze the options!

Getting Started

If you’re interested in a vehicle wrap, start here! If you need some guidance through the planning process, let’s get together and discuss first steps. We’re a quick phone call or email away. 

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