Logo Design in Dodge Center, MN & Rochester, MN

Logo Design in Dodge Center, MN & Rochester, MN

Professional Logo Design

Logos are a critical aspect of business marketing. As the company's major graphical representation, a logo anchors a company's brand and becomes the single most visible manifestation of the company within the target market. For this reason, the designers at National Fleet Graphics can help create a well-designed logo that is an essential part of your company's overall marketing strategy.

While working with one of our designers, you can refresh an existing brand logo or design a completely new one.
Once you have created your one-of-a-kind logo, let the team at National Fleet Graphics transform your new art into the marketing materials you need to make a cohesive business brand.

What makes a great logo design?


A logo's primary purpose is to act as a representation of your business, event or team. Make sure it conveys the tone of your venture. Are you professional? Family-Friendly? Unruly?


Everyone know the swoosh, the golden arches and the apple without mentioning the companies they represent. A great design should be simple and easily recognizable.


Sometimes change is a good thing, but for a logo its power lies in its longevity. Your logo should be simple enough to stand the test of time.


Whether you want a logo for a team, a business or an event, your logo should work across all platforms. From online web graphics to T-shirts and printed materials, pick a logo that is easily adaptable to your needs.

Don't forget to keep future costs in mind. If you are building a logo for the long haul, keep in mind the cost of printing when choosing your colors. While the latest Pantone color may be all the rage, it can go out of style quickly and may be more expensive to print than standard CMYK colors. Your National Fleet Graphics designer will be able to work with you to make a logo perfectly suited for your brand.


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"Amazing logo design, I couldn't believe how intuitive Nicole was in seeing my vision and creating it into reality for my messaging. I will continue to go here for all my business needs!"

Russell W.