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Food Truck Designs To Elevate Your Business | Vehicle Wraps

Food trucks are the hottest new trend in creatively and affordably feeding people today. The food truck industry is outgrowing the restaurant industry by 1.2%, and that increase is projected to climb steadily over the next 5 years. So, whether you already have a food truck that needs an updated design or are starting up a new concept, the single-most important factor in your success (aside from your food, obviously) is your food truck graphics. Your vehicle wrap in Rochester from the team here at National Fleet Graphics  will design and install a custom vehicle wrap to ensure that your truck has the longest lines.  And when it comes to their food, people want to feel like it is coming from professionals who take care of their business. You need a new vehicle wrap in Rochester.

Let’s just be frank for a minute. There are currently many food trucks around the Rochester area, and while some are sleek and eye-catching, others send the wrong message. What does your message say? We get your desire to show that you’re a home-grown, authentic food truck, but the tacos your niece painted on the side of the truck and the sticky mailbox letters you used to spell out your name don’t scream clean.

New Food Truck Wrap Concepts | Vehicle Wraps in Rochester

For new food truck concepts, there is no better place to merge your ideas with creative and talented graphic designers than National Fleet Graphics. We know the colors that pop, the designs that draw customers to you, and the powerful graphics that tell your story at a glance. Equally important, your wrap in Rochester should be made from the highest grade of materials (we use 3M products, the best in the industry) for better long-term maintenance and a polished finished product. Food truck wraps in general require an intense amount of measuring and installing on a vehicle with multiple doors, fold-down counters, and sliding windows. Only a handful of expert installers have the experience to bring perfection to your project, and they work here!

Not only is it a smart way to let people sample your food before they are ready to commit to a whole dining experience, but it’s a safe way for you to try out new menu options that can be easily added, edited or removed, depending on their popularity. We get that it may be out of your comfort zone to bring the marketing of an established restaurant to a food truck that requires more exciting branding to succeed. We are sensitive to your concerns, but at National Fleet Graphics, you are working with the experts in blending old and new designs, so you can maintain your identity while we update your image for today’s food truck marketplace.

 Are you worried that the cost of a new wrap in Rochester will hold you back? Well, our prices are more than competitive. Plus, the average annual revenue stream of a food truck is $290,000! Not making that? Let your small investment in a food-truck wrap in Rochester give you the boost you need to reach your income potential for the biggest bite of the food-truck-pie in Dodge Center, Rochester, and all of southeastern MN! Get your free quote today to update your current design or to introduce yourself to the foodie community as the freshest, most-share-worthy competitor on the scene.

 As we like to say, “Our business is to make your business look good.” And profitable!