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Exterior Signing Mistakes to Avoid At All Cost | Sign Company in Rochester, MN

Exterior signs are the face of your business, greeting potential customers even before they step inside. It’s not just signage; it’s a visual handshake, extending a warm welcome and conveying your brand’s essence. When you invest in quality exterior signs from a trusted sign company in Rochester, MN, you’re not just buying a product. You’re crafting an experience that speaks volumes about your commitment to your business and its patrons. This power of effective exterior signage transforms your business’s exterior into a beacon of invitation and professionalism.

Unfortunately, not all exterior signs are created equal. Some businesses make common mistakes that harm their image rather than enhance it. These mistakes can be costly and detrimental to business success.

Here are some exterior signage mistakes to avoid at all costs and how choosing the right sign company can help:

1.   Choosing the Wrong Size | Sign Company in Rochester, MN

One of the most frequent mistakes businesses make with exterior signs is choosing the wrong size. A sign too small may go unnoticed, while a sign too large can overwhelm the space and look out of place. Selecting a size that is proportionate to your building and visible from a distance is essential. A professional sign company will offer expert advice on the optimal size for your specific location to ensure maximum visibility and appeal.

2.   Poor Design Choices

Another common error is poor design, including cluttered layouts, unreadable fonts, and inappropriate color schemes. These elements can make your sign difficult to read and detract from your brand’s message. Working with a skilled sign company, you have access to experienced designers who understand the intricacies of sign design, such as choosing the right font, color contrast, and layout to make your message clear and compelling.

3.   Ignoring Local Regulations

Every locality has specific codes and regulations related to exterior signage, including size restrictions, lighting rules, and placement guidelines. Neglecting these regulations can lead to fines or the need to replace or remove the signage. A reputable sign company will be familiar with these local regulations and ensure that your sign complies, avoiding legal or financial headaches.

4.   Using Low-Quality Materials | Sign Company in Rochester, MN

Choosing cheap materials can save money upfront, but it can result in higher costs in the long term due to repairs or replacements. Quality materials are crucial for ensuring your sign withstands weather conditions and the test of time. A trusted sign company in Rochester, MN, will only use durable materials designed for longevity, ensuring your investment is sound and your sign remains vibrant and intact for years.

5.   Overlooking Maintenance

Like any investment, exterior signs require maintenance to keep them looking their best. Fading, wear, and damage can reflect poorly on your business. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning and necessary repairs, will keep your sign fresh and appealing. Partnering with a full-service sign company can provide ongoing maintenance services, helping to protect your sign and your brand’s image.

6.   Not Considering Future Adaptability

As businesses grow and change, so do their signage needs. Investing in a sign that is not easily adaptable can limit your options for future updates or rebranding efforts. Working with a knowledgeable sign company can help you create a flexible and versatile design that saves you time and money for future modifications. A reliable sign company can also assist with any necessary sign updates or changes in local regulations.

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