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Custom Sign Company | Steps to the Perfect Image

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When talking about the expectations of your custom sign, the image may be distorted from the picture in your head to the reality of the actual image. The final product can differ from your original idea. Some custom sign companies can offer their input (which can help bring the image in your head to life); however, the end goal is to recreate the idea that was first in your head. This can be done in a few different ways, but most companies follow the same sequence when developing the final product. Ultimately, the final product is derived from steps similar to writing an essay.

Before even defining the custom sign, the custom sign company must brainstorm with you (the customer). This is called the brainstorming step. The brainstorming step is the first (and most important step) in making the product as accurate as of the image in your head. Brainstorming can be accomplished in more than one way. First, you will bring your sign ideas to the custom sign company. This is done by clearly writing the important points down. When writing down the important points for the custom sign, it is essential to write down as many details as clearly as possible. Name the shapes, sizes, colors, materials, and even the overall end goal of the project. After writing down the key points of your idea, it is then time to consult with the custom sign company. Here at National Fleet Graphics, we strive on delivering quality results promptly. You may have an appointment to sit down with one of our consultants, which is recommended. There are also other alternatives to face-to-face consulting that other companies use like video chatting, phone calls, and email/text messages. If you find yourself to be artistically inclined, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to sit down and draw the image in your head. At the end of the day, no one has the power to read minds; so, sketches can make the accuracy rate of the image in your head increase.

After the brainstorming step, we will try to accurately depict the image in your head by creating the rough draft. This is the first copy of the sketch. This step is there to take all of the notes and materials gathered by translating them into an image. Any custom sign company would do this by either sketching the image on paper canvas or by designing the image on the computer. Although you cannot go wrong with either method for the rough draft, both methods do present their positives and negatives. For instance, the hand-sketched graphics are easier to free-hand (meaning that the elements that need a human perspective rather than a computer-aided design). The free-hand design is great for those designs that are difficult to do on the computer; however, the hand design lacks perfection. This means that the computer-aided design is less likely to run into any human-made errors like design flaws, color flaws, shading inaccuracies, and whatever else the human hand lacks. The computer-aided design is the opposite- closer to a completely accurate sign but lacks the humane signature touch. National Fleet Graphics can design quality signs and graphics with either method.

The third step is to edit the image. This step is called the revision stage. Revisions are typically done at least once (sometimes they are done a lot more- depending on what the customer wants). When revising the sign, it is important to convey to the consultant/drafter the needs that are missing in the sign. Rough drafts are only completed because of it’s “rough” nature. This means that the final product is dependent on the edits. Being vocal with our team is essential to receiving the ultimate product that you see in your head.

The last step is the final copy. This step and the revisions stage go back and forth. A final copy is completed, and the work is not done until you approve of the work. Otherwise, the image is then revised and another final copy is released. After the final step, the sign will be printed and installed.

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