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Some logos are so iconic they don’t even need to show a company’s name to convey an identity. Whether it’s a pair of golden arches, an apple with a bite out of it, a swoosh, or a dynamic ribbon, those little bits of graphic design do a lot of heavy lifting when it comes to communicating a brand’s identity and values. They’re a key part of any company’s branding, and if your company doesn’t have one, your marketing strategy is built on feet of clay. National Fleet Graphicshas helped many businesses in Minnesota put their brand on a firm visual footing with custom logo design.

Why You Need a Logo

If you’re coming to National Fleet Graphics, you’re coming to us for design strategy, whether you realize it or not. The services we offer, including vehicle wrapsfor nearly anything that rolls, floats, or flies, signs, apparel, and custom graphics, each rely on strong visuals to be effective. Your logo isn’t just a throwaway component to your marketing; it’s the foundation, or an anchor — without which your brand and your marketing plan are likely to go adrift. Since much of what a logo “does” ends up being subconscious, let’s break down what your logo is doing for your business:

Show Your Identity

The idea of a “brand” comes from the old west, when people would brand their cattle to prevent theft. Your logo fulfills a similar function, as it’s a way of marking your products and services as your own.

Attract Eyeballs

We’re visual creatures. A splash of color and some well-spaced text draws attention. It’s not just a label that tells your prospective customer, “Hi, Our Name Is…”. It also tells them at a glance what you’re about and what they can expect from you.

Stand Out in a Crowd

Unless you operate in a very small niche, someone else is also doing what you do, and targeting the same customers. You need something that communicates what sets you apart quickly and effectively, and your logo helps you do that.

Build Loyalty

Bands get it. So do motorcycle companies, skateboard manufacturers, and many other companies. Logos can go on nearly anything and go nearly anywhere. When you offer a great service or offer a high-quality product, you build loyalty to your brand. If you’re good enough, you won’t be the only one singing your praises. A strong brand identity based around a memorable logo helps others to share their enthusiasm and spread the love, evangelizing for your brand in ways that bring you new possibilities. Mind you, the things above are what a good logo accomplishes. Get it wrong, and your logo could be talking loud and saying nothing, or sending mixed messages about who you are and what you do.

The Downside of Cheap Logos

At this point, you may be thinking, “Why not just go to a freelance design service to get a logo done cheap?” We’re glad you asked. Many of those “designers” rely on off-the-rack logo templates to do their work. As a result, you end up with a cookie-cutter logo that could just as easily go with any business of a given type. So, if you’re a photographer, for instance, you may end up with a chunky silhouette of an SLR, or the ever-present aperture blades in place of an “O,” and a bit of generic script spelling out your name. Sure, it’s inexpensive — and it also looks like every other photographer’s logo out there. It may say “photography,” but it really doesn’t have much to say about (or to set apart) your business. Don’t you deserve better?

Our Process

Whether your business doesn’t have a logo yet, or if you have one that’s in need of an overhaul, the designers at National Fleet Graphics can help. We’ll design something that’s as unique as your business and the people behind it, giving you something that’s the foundation of a cohesive brand. You’ll have something you’ll be proud to use as the first building block for all your marketing materials.